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An important training programme modelled on national qualification criteria, including Technical Certificate and NVQ/SVQ level 2. Designed to improve Health and Safety in the workplace, it covers a range of topics such as clothing and equipment, gloves, safety helmets, ear defenders, and footwear used to avoid injury in the workplace.

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An important training programme modelled on national qualification criteria. Technical Certificate and NVQ/SVQ level 2. Designed to improve Health and Safety in the workplace, covering a range of different subjects such as clothing and equipment, gloves, safety helmets, ear defenders, and footwear all used to avoid injury in the workplace. Legislation is also covered, at the end of the programme a scenario will check the level of your understanding and a test will provide your score.

This programme is equally suitable for individual as well as classroom application and will be of immense value to those new to the industry as well as acting as a refresher for those with more extensive experience.

A vital area of workplace Health and Safety material made easy

Audio commentary as well as scripted dialogue brings this subject to a new level of understanding. You are guided through each stage – this programme will promote, stimulate and encourage you to attain high standards of Health and Safety at work and will make the learning process enjoyable. Both responsibilities of the employer and the employee are detailed, further enhancing safety awareness for all at work.

Test how well you have understood the programme

Once you have completed the subjects in this programme, a brief summary acts as a short re-cap, you are then invited to test your knowledge and understanding of the subjects covered, 18 key questions and answers are presented by interactive drag and drop visuals and mouse click multi-choice answer selection. At the end your score is produced and you have the option to print your results. Finally a video scenario will give you the chance to see 8 real world situations that explore your comprehension of this Health and Safety programme.


  • Extensive coverage of Health and Safety subjects
  • Totally engaging and easily understood
  • Latest Interactive visual technology
  • Content created by Health and Safety Professionals
  • Enhances the way teachers and learners gain and retain subject knowledge and understanding
  • Complicated topics are made clear and understandable via advanced visuals, animations and stunning virtual reality techniques
  • Builds confidence in learner’s capabilities through studied subject matter
  • Expands tutors / learners ability to present the content in a new way
  • Positive results via a reduction of accident and incidents


The programme content is divided into topics as follows:

  • Welcome
  • Topic 1: Introduction
  • Topic 2: Health and Safety at work Act
    Know the law and your obligations.
  • Topic 3: Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
    Eyes, ears, feet, hands and body – Know how to protect them.
  • Topic 4: Safety Signs
    Learn 15 common safety signs, what they are telling you and why.
  • Topic 5: COSHH regulations
    Understand who is responsible and why.
  • Topic 6: Substances Hazardous to Health
    Find out about labeling and what qualifies as a hazardous substance.
  • Topic 7: Working at Heights
    Ladders, scaffolding, towers, learn about their correct and safe usage.
  • Topic 8: Basic First Aid
    Find out which is correct and what items they should contain.
  • Topic 9: Manual Handling
    Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and good practice techniques.
  • Topic 10: Risk Assessments
    What is risk assessment? risk assessment steps and responsibilities.
  • Topic 11: Fire Protection
    Classes of fire and fire extinguishers.
  • Topic 12: CSCS Site Safety Cards
    Different types of site safety cards.
  • Topic 13: Electrical Safety
    Maintaining equipment, inspection and electrical site safety.
  • Topic 14: End Test
    See for yourself how much you have taken in and what needs reviewing.
  • Scenario
    Eight video situations – Can you spot the health and safety mistakes?

Minimum System Requirements:

  • PC only - Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Internet Explorer 8 (or above)
  • Single 2GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolution
  • Sound card and speakers/headphones
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Broadband Internet Connection*

*An active internet connection is only required to install any software pug-ins that may be required.

Internet Browser Requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • JavaScript enabled
  • Pop-ups enabled
  • Cookies enabled
  • Adobe Flash Player 8+*
  • Unity Web Player*

*The programme automatically checks that the required software is installed on learner's system and will display installation instructions if required.

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