TechnologyOur ground breaking programs are based on fully interactive multimedia which contains audio, video, text, 2D/3D animation, and multi-award winning virtual reality technology culminating in supremely interactive scenarios. The program can be delivered on CD, online or installed on VLE servers. Virtual Reality is a very original approach to simulate real life situations to test a student’s knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Simulations enable students to review and test what they have learned. This approach is based on a technology that Skills2Learn developed which they refer to as Real World Environments (RWE).

People enjoy playing computer games, so we took advantage of this by basing our programs on 'serious game' scenarios. This has allowed students to adopt the same enthusiasm in the learning environment. It is for this reason we have been encouraged to develop more programs covering various disciplines.

The technology empowers students to make decisions and follow a charted route through the program. The training programs also contain self assessments and interactive scenarios to test the users' knowledge. The outcomes, performance levels and recommendations are shown at the end of each exercise. This innovative approach has now been implemented very successfully by a number of colleges. Ongoing measurement of success has identified improved pass rates, cost reductions in raw material wastage and reduced dropout rates. It is a flexible, easily adaptable and maintainable solution with high levels of engagement. This unique training method not only reflects currently accepted best practice in terms of design, development and production, but also represents the next level in cost-effective information and technology based learning.

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