Benefits of our E-Learning and Training Software

  • Learn in an engaging and effective way
  • Based on advanced visuals, 3D animations and virtual reality techniques
  • Increase learners knowledge and understanding
  • Develop skills in your own time and at your pace
  • Enable users to learn in safe environments
  • Consolidate users’ knowledge prior to undertaking workshop exercises
  • Become fully confident to carry out practical training work
  • Raise learners exam pass-rates
  • Cost effective by reducing training time, consumables and materials

For the employer:

  • Increase the number of installers
  • Raise awareness
  • Have a clear understanding of current legislations
  • Improve safety
  • Be fully confident to carry out practical work
  • Reduce training costs
  • Build confidence in staff capabilities
  • Be able to establish achievable personal targets with focus on outcomes 
  • Consolidate users’ theoretical knowledge prior to undertaking practical workshop exercises, which will result in fiscal benefits, training time reduction and savings on consumables and workshop use

For the learner and training provider:

  • Enhance the way learning and training is delivered
  • Advance tutors/learners ability to absorb the subject matter
  • Increase learners' knowledge and understanding
  • Uplift learners' exam pass-rates
  • Due to the engaging nature of the programs, student drop-out rates are reduced
  • Provide the option for  learners to study and practice in their own time at their own pace
  • Users learn in a safe environment
  • Improve engagement with employers

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