About Us

The E-Learning Shop is part of the Skills2Learn organisation - the UK’s premier developer of e-learning, virtual reality, serious-games and creative multimedia solutions - that not only fulfil your needs but take them to an entirely new level. Skills2Learn provide award-winning online and offline applications and assessment programs for a wide range of commercial, educational, certification and awarding bodies.

Over the last 6 years, Skills2Learn has formed and led many successful consortia which consist of a number of organisations involved in education and learning technologies to support the education and industry sectors. Skills2Learn has developed hours of advanced, online, virtual reality based e-learning. The programmes are used to stimulate a deep understanding for the learners in the studied subjects including relevant functional skills, sustainability awareness and health and safety issues.

Where relevant, our programmes have been aligned to units of the National Occupational Standards and can be used as a support tool whilst studying for any relevant vocational qualifications. The Consortia include:

We work closely with industry experts to define educational goals for embedding new methods into the curriculum; developing effective classroom practices using subjects and e-learning teaching materials. Creating these consortia enables us to achieve even more by combining the solid learning expertise from FE Colleges and learning providers to develop top of the range educational programs.

The consortium members have many years experience in their respective sectors and have created this blended learning approach of interactive e-learning programmes to achieve the aim of:

  •  Providing accessible training in a variety of industries.
  • Bridging the gap between classroom based and practical based learning
  • Providing a concentrated set of improvement learning modules
  • Enabling learners to gain new skills and qualifications more effectively
  • Improving functional skills and awareness of sustainability issues within the industry
  • Promoting health and safety in the industry
  • Encouraging training and continuous professional development

We know it works because:

  • We’ve tested and implemented other programs
  • Our student’s results have improved dramatically
  • We have saved money by reducing material usage costs
  • Our tutors have now found a new technique to explain subjects in a very effective way.
  • Our students have expressed how impressed they are with the programs

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