Training is more effective when it comes alive!

There is little doubt that training is more successful when it is brought alive – and that’s where we can help.

The E-Learning Shop provide a range of comprehensive computer based training applications that are available to buy. Our programs are also available as online multiple licences specifically designed for colleges, universities and commercial training organisations.

The E-Learning Shop is part of Skills2Learn - the UK’s premier developer of fully interactive elearning, virtual reality programs. Skills2Learn provide online and offline applications and assessment programs for a wide range of commercial, educational, certification and awarding bodies.

Our online e-learning programmes are:

  • An interactive engaging learning experience
  • Developed by leading subject matter experts
  • Supported and endorsed by professional bodies
  • Designed to support both tutors in the classroom and students at home working at their own pace
  • Proven to reduce material and consumable costs

Featured Products

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